Live Room

Tru 7’s recording studio is second to none in the Midwest.  We have taken industry standard gear, and optimized the work flow so that our clients can make the most of their time.  We offer all of the gear that the discerning client has come to anticipate in a top of the line facility and combined it with unique options that qualify our studio as one of the best.

While you won’t see expensive wood on the walls, it’s what you don’t immediately see that makes our studio so special.

Vocal Booth

Tru 7 has a variety of recording applications: Pro Tools HD, Logic, Reason, and more, coupled with a PowerMac G5 to power your sessions through the toughest tasks.  Our plug-in library is so extensive its scary: Waves bundles, all of the HD RTAS plug-ins, and more!

Want to know about our Mic Pre’s?  Legendary pre’s with optical compressors such as the Universal Audio LA-610, and Avalon VT737sp start you off sounding great.  We follow those up with an AEA RPQ and 16 Channels of Focusrite pre’s, which have been specifically voiced for Drums.

Control Room 2

To go along with the pre’s, we have an extensive microphone library.  Some of the mic’s that we have on hand are: Soundelux U99, Equitech E200, Nuemann TLM103, Stereo Matched Pairs of AKG C414’s and Rode NT5’s.  We also have a variety of Shure KSM44 and 32’s, as well as a huge assortment of other Shure’s and Sennheiser’s.

In addition to standard recording sessions, we also play host to voice-overs, ADR, and we even have the capability to do Foley Sound in our live room.

Speaking of rooms…  Come check out our Live Room!  It boasts ground level load in, and it is 18 feet wide, 25 feet long, and 13 feet tall, which gives this room some volume!  We also have 3 Iso booths with independently floating floors.  Each room has been tuned differently for the engineer to pick the proper room for your tracking needs.  Each room and the control room, has been tuned by Jeff Hedback himself.

Iso Booth 2                   Iso Booth 1

If you are working on a smaller project, and you don’t need Studio A, perhaps Studio B will fit your needs or budget.  Studio B is a full production, mixing and mastering suite, full of all of the goodies to handle any and all pre-production all of the way to finalizing your project.  It is equipped with Pro Tools, as well as a full MIDI Rig, complete with 2 MIDI Keyboards and a MPC2500.

Come see how we can take you project to the next level by either scheduling your studio time, or a tour and consultation if your project has any particular or special needs.

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