Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark brings a extensive entertainment and media background to TRU 7 Entertainment. With over 25 years in artist management, concert promotions and event planning/logistics; Clark has gained a reputation as a get it done guy. Working on the local, regional and national levels with a variety of talent and industry professionals has provided a great network to grow upon.

After years of working in both the electronic and print media industries, Clark has developed the understanding of how the entertainment/media worlds must work in harmony to build success. Clark also is invovled in the community mentoring youth, and is active in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program locally.

Jeffrey Clark and the team of talented professionals at TRU 7 Entertainment are poised to provide quality services, creative expertise along with that personal touch for each and every client.


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Nicholas Winn

Nicholas Winn’s experience is multi-faceted.  A musician and tinkerer by nature, Nicholas decided to attend Full Sail University in order to round out his skill set.

Nicholas has been playing guitar for about 15 years.  He has been an audio engineer as a hobbyist for nearly as long, and he has pursued Audio Engineering as his career for over 10 years.

Nicholas is also the person who designed Tru 7′s facilities.  From its conception in pencil drawings, all of the way to the oversight of the construction, Nicholas has been involved in this facility, every step of the way.

Nicholas is also involved heavily in the local music scene, and even manages a couple of acts.  To date, Nicholas has been involved in virtually every aspect of the music business, and continues to grow and expand his knowledge base.



Tyrone Horton

“In a musical world where you are recognized by your brand and sound, many producers and engineers coin themselves on developing a sonically unique sound and style.  I have always seen myself in multiple different lights, genres, and representing such a vast variety of client base that the uniqueness of my work is the ability to visualize, create, and facilitate the realization of ANY artist’s, producer’s, or record label’s unique sound, whether it be through production, tracking, mixing, or marketing…the team’s MVP”

Tyrone “T-Y” Horton has certainly positioned himself to do just that.  Born in Indianapolis, IN, T-Y began his musical journey as a drummer at the age of 2.  By age 12 he began playing Alto saxophone.  By eighth grade, Tyrone was competing at a state level and performing with some of the best around town including Gregg Bacon.  Jazz was his first love and he became a student of the music.  Tyrone entered high school with a complete disinterest in the traditional marching/ concert band programs offered around town, and began recording at multiple recording studios and performing the national anthem on saxophone at major sports events in Indianapolis.  By senior year, not only was he an avid performer, studio musician, and socialite, but had begun DJing at multiple clubs and venues (of which he was under age to even attend).  By age 18, Tyrone was producing multiple genres of music and had found a love in the studio.  He decided this would be his path forever.

In 2005, Tyrone left Indianapolis for Full Sail University in Orlando, FL., from which he graduated by 2007 with an A.S. in Recording Arts and a B.S. in Entertainment Business.  While in Florida attending college, Tyrone worked at multiple major facilities and for major record labels in central and south Florida.  T-Y was lucky enough to mentor for a short while under the legendary Bob Katz and his protégé.  He was then accepted into KDS recording studios (formerly Lou Pearlman’s TransContinental Studios) where he climbed the ranks and was freelance engineering, producing, and assisting multiple major producers and engineers across a wide variety of genres including hip-hop, pop, rock, gospel, and jazz, as he is a multi-instrumentalist himself.  In 2010 Tyrone founded his own entertainment entity, Tytewerk Entertainment Group LLC.

After working in major and private studios in Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta, Tyrone relocated back to Indianapolis in late 2011.  “I felt that I could not prosper into that which I felt was destined in such saturated markets.”  After creating a name for himself in multiple markets, recording and mixing for a plethora of national and international artists, and continuing to remain humble and ambitious, he has found a happy home at Tru7 Studios as an in-house engineer and producer.


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Katie Moon

Globetrotter. Photographer. Activist. Optimist. Student of life & culture. Roots & Wings.

Katie Moon is an international professional photographer who specializes in Music, Fashion, Product, and Editorial Concept photography. In the last five years, creative pursuits have taken Katie across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Katie is currently focusing on extending her efforts to include cultural documentation, humanitarian activism, and educational outreach. Her greatest passions are growing the creative culture of her community and partnering with teams to design dynamic, intuitive, and innovative creative campaigns. Highlights of her professional career include:

+ MFA, Cultural Art History (Reciprocal Dialog Between Modernism & Globalization)
+ BA, Entrepreneurship / Legal Studies, Indiana University
+ Owner / Photographer, FIDAMO
+ Strategic Marketing Analyst, Macys (Miami, FL)
+ Visiting Lecturer, Purdue University (Commercial & Professional Practices of Photography)
+ Fashion Television Asia (Cebu, Philippines)
+ International Academy of Film & Television (Cebu, Philippines)
+ Vogue Italia Online (Fashion Editorial Photography)
+ Pattern Magazine (Fashion Editorial Photography)
+ National Geographic, Moroccan Expedition (Cultural Documentary Photography)
+ Director, Help-Portrait
+ Director, Macy’s National Give Back Day
+ Director, Fashion Lounge, ORANJE (Interactive Music, Art, Film, & Fashion Festival)

In addition to photography, Katie also offers the following creative services: web design, graphic design, branding, and art direction (video + advertising).

“If there is one thing I hope to accomplish, it would be to give back to the creative and cultural landscapes of our time, to inspire others and to be inspired by them in return.”


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