-Control Room-

Mac G5 Computer

Protools HD

2 HD i/o Units

C24 Control Surface

Adams A7X-1

All Waves, and RTAS HD plugins

5 each 1TB Hard Disk Drives


-Mic Pre’s-

Universal Audio LA 610

Avalon VT737 sp

2 Focusrite MKII

AEA RPQ mic pre


-Headphone System-

Furman HDS 16 Headphone System

Furman HRM Stations

Sennheiser Headphones



Neumann TLM-103

Soundelux U99

Equitek E200

4 each KSM44′s

4 each KSM32′s

Stereo Matched Pair of AKG C414′s (2)

Stereo Matched Pair or Rode NT5′s

3 each Sennheiser e604′s

Sennheiser e835′s

Shure SM57′s


-Video Conference System-

20″ Flatscreens in each Iso Booth

47″ Flatscreen In Live Room, Set up for Foley Work


-Other Equipment-

M-Audio Oxygen 61 Key Keyboard

M-Audio Axiom 25 Key Keyboard with Drum Pad and MIDI Controls

KRK V6 Monitors




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