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Are you putting together a project that requires video?  Tru 7 has what it takes to deliver Hollywood Quality film and video right here in Indianapolis!

Hi-Res Fun                       IMG_9077

For starters, Tru 7 has the “Wow!” factor ready and available to blow your mind!  We have the biggest Green Screen that is commercially available in Indiana, and the second largest this side of the Mississippi.  Our Green Screen is approximately 32’x29’x16’.  We also have a large permanent White Cyclorama, at 16’x16’x16’.

We have an amazing lighting system to go with this setup.  We light our Green Screen and our White Screen with 36,000 watts combined of Mole Richardson cyc-lights.  We also have multiple options for Subject Lighting with such high quality brand lighting rigs from Wescott and Cool Lights.

Surface of the Sun                    photo (3)

Need a camera rental, or just need some editing time?  We have on site, available for rental, a Panasonic AF100, or twin Canon 7d’s.  We also have a 27” Imac available for Editing Rental, equipped with Final Cut Pro, and Adobe CS5.

We have also teamed up with Forward Motion Entertainment to service all of your video needs.  Forward Motion Entertainment has easily served clients such as Sarah Fisher Racing, and Indiana Vodka in Tru 7’s facility.  Take a moment to jump over to our links section to learn more about the high quality video work available to you, through Forward Motion Entertainment and Tru 7 Entertainment


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